Angel Card Readings from your own Angels


I am an intuitive blessed with many gifts and I am able to connect with your Angels to do card readings for those who need guidance at this moment or are just wanting help in making a decision in love, jobs, family and all the issues that we come across that we need to make important decisions that will effect our lives.

I am available to help you connect with your Spirit Team as well as your Angels who are always willing to help you make decisions that will be of the highest good for positive outcome for you. They are always just waiting to be asked for your help, as they are not able to jump in and help work things out, unless you ASK them too…

You can contact me at to book a reading. I am able to do distance readings through facebook, or Skype, as well as phone calls.

Angel Card Readings usually run 45 minutes and the charge would be $50….

I am also able to channel messages directly from your Angels and provide you with answers to questions you may have for them on issues facing you in your life. These would be questions you would provide to me, or we can work off five questions that usually provide answers that pertain to everyone. If you are interested in this type of reading I will go over those questions and see if you would prefer that those be used. Then I would pray/meditate to get in touch with My Angels who will furnish the answers from your Angels. This involves more time and readiness on my part-the fee would be $75. I can do this through email, skype or facebook messaging.

You can contact me here, or on my facebook page, Guidance from your Angels to set up a reading or with any questions you may have.